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Published: 19/12/2019

Optimizing energy efficiency in luxury residences in Dubai

Mansions Owners Association Management (Mansions), a Dubai-based company specializing in jointly-owned property management, real estate management and development started cooperation with Granlund in autumn 2017 with the aim of automating and optimizing energy efficiency in their luxury Trident Grand Residence Tower in Dubai. The collaboration aims to improve the maintenance processes and automate reporting, as well as decrease energy consumption.

In the autumn of 2017 Mansions Group of Companies and Granlund signed a pilot project to improve the maintenance and energy processes in the Trident Grand Residence located in the Dubai Marina. The area, considered one of the most solicited water front addresses in the world, is a key business and luxury residence district in the centre of Dubai with international designer boutiques, world class culinary and sports facilities and sumptous beaches. One of the Trident Grand Residence ́s buildings, the Mansions, was chosen as a pilot project. A site survey was carried out in the spring of 2018 and targets were defined.

From manual work to high level of automatization

– We chose to partner with Granlund because of their high quality products, degree of professionalism and reliability. Before the collaboration, all our energy reporting and maintenance processes were done manually, which caused the information to be scattered in separate excel sheets and power point presentations. A lot of work was needed to create the reports that Granlund Manager can generate automatically, says Mr. Alexander Karabet, Founder and Managing Director of Mansions Group of Companies.

After carrying out a site survey, the current status of technical systems and their operating conditions were described and the saving targets were defined for the 50-floor residential building. The thorough preliminary work made it possible to do the actual implementation work of Granlund Manager in about one month. The process was started by applying preventive and reactive maintenance plans and by adopting the systems for reporting the water and electricity consumption.

User-friendly and easy to take into use

-The implementation of Granlund Manager was very fast and straightforward. The software meets our requirements, is very user-friendly and it has been easily implemented by our maintenance personnel. The cooperation with Granlund has been very effective and successful, Mr. Karabet continues.

One of the first improvements was the utilization of the building performance optimization tool, designed for optimizing energy consumption. The tool ensures that the energy savings targets will be reached by reporting regularly of the five worst measurements. It is an automated maintenance tool that guides the maintenance personnel and helps them to be able to react faster when corrective maintenance actions are needed.

The implementation of Granlund Manager was very fast and straightforward. The software meets our requirements, is very user-friendly and it has been easily implemented by our maintenance personnel. The cooperation with Granlund has been very effective and successful.

Locating the main energy savings items together

The main energy savings measures were developed in cooperation with the management and maintenance personnel in the Trident Grand Residences and Granlund.

As a result of being able to locate the main savings items by combining the local expertise with Granlund Manager’s automated data processes, the building now has optimal indoor qualities from the viewpoint of the building’s residents and customers, as well as optimal and energy efficient way of operating. The savings achieved are based on sharing information, setting targets for the cooperation, and developing the maintenance processes together. All these combined actions help to steer the buiding towards greater energy efficiency.

-We strongly believe that with the right implementation of Granlund Manager our MEP teams can achieve remarkable energy savings in a short period of time, Mr. Karabet ensures.

Further energy optimization with BMS integration

The full adoption of the various features of Granlund Manager is still underway. Through training and learning to work with the new processes, the maintenance personnel will be able to improve long-term planning and follow-up of maintenance tasks. The BMS integration will further help to take over the building asset data information generated by the Granlund Manager. This will make thorough analysis and reporting of the bulding data easier to support further energy optimatization.

If the results in the pilot prove to be encouraging, the cooperation continues in other buildings in the compound.

– We are confident that further cost savings can be achieved. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and believe Granlund is the right partner for this, adds Mr. Karabet.

We are confident that further cost savings can be achieved. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and believe Granlund is the right partner for this.


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