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Mansions Community Management enhances our customers value

Community Management, administration, reporting

RERA Mollak system, compliance, regulations

Financial and bank accounts Management

Supply agreements, coordination, supervision

Community annual program

Development of Rules and regulations

General Community Management, administration and reporting

All our team members, including shareholders of the company, are certified by RERA as professionals in community management. Our senior management team members hold CMCA and AMS qualifications. All these together with the application of the latest community management solutions allows us to work efficiently with our customers and manage projects of various complexities.

Qualification, experience, and ability to deliver professional service brings together an undisputed value for not only developers whom we help to build efficient, healthy communities, but also unit owners through a range of integrated services:


  • A wide range of services that include administration and secretarial services;
  •  Collection of service charges; 
  • Management of meetings; 
  • Management of insurance; 
  • Community rules development and enforcement;
  • Management of operational activities related to infrastructure, transport, waste collection, communication; 
  • Review of existing and preparation of new governance documents;
  • Consultancy on components subdivision and lodgment of common area plans, communication with government authorities like RERA, Dubai Municipality, DEWA, Civil Defense.
  • Liaison between RERA and Developer; 
  • Consultancy on Strata Law and Strata management, preparation of Jointly Owned Property Declarations (JOPD); 
  • Preparation of annual budgets and cost modelling; 
  • Preparation of owners manuals, community management process and consultancy, owners and facilitation of General Assembly; 
  • Assistance in approval of service charges from RERA.


That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

Registration of the projects in RERA Mollak system, and compliance with UAE government laws and regulations

The Dubai Land Department introduced an e-system called Mollak, which regulates jointly owned properties, service charges and monitors the payment of service charges in jointly-owned properties in Dubai.

The Mollak system reflects the provisions of Law No. (6) of 2019 concerning Jointly Owned Property (JOP) in the Emirate of Dubai and its regulations.

All communities under Mansions management have been registered with Mollak system.  We are proud to confirm our competence and provision to comply with RERA specific tasks to ensure the Communities are administered in accordance with the JOP Legislation and RERA Directions, including compliance with requirements of RERA law no. (6), 2019.

Financial Management and management of the project’s bank accounts

Accounts Team is dedicated to day-to-day financial issues of the Community and is responsible for Community accounts management:

  • Monitor the receivables in the bank account for the community.
  • Preparation of service charge budget in compliance with RERA Mollak requirements.
  • Do all things reasonably necessary to obtain RERA approval on the service charge.
  • Monitor the service charge arrears.
  • Monitor and recommend approval for payment by the community of the service providers as per signed contracts.
  • Arrange for payment of invoices on behalf of the Community (eg. Water & Electricity, maintenance etc).
  • Prepare and manage the Reserve Fund and General Fund under the direction of the Community.
  • Arrange for invoicing and payment of the expenses incurred related to Supply Agreements entered into by the community.
  • Provide periodic and stipulated accounts including Balance sheet, Statement of Income and expenditure and Service charge Report to the community.
  • Assist the community auditor by providing detailed accounts and records for audit purpose.
  • Cash flow preparation and management.
  • Bookkeeping and ledger entries.


That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

Community Managers in Dubai

That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

Management of supply agreements, coordination and supervision of Facility

Mansions priority is to establish and maintain high-quality standards of service provided. To keep the standards on an exceptional level in the Community, monitoring the quality of the services provided is essential.

We analyze the suppliers’ performance by:

  • Asset conditions review and evaluation;
  • Development of asset register and record-keeping;
  • Review and re-evaluation of contracts with services providers;
  • Revision and optimization of the scope of work;
  • KPI and service levels supervision.




Management services providers

When it comes to managing an owners association, we understand that our customers need the best programs, services, and amenities for their community and they also want the best value. We always set the highest standards for a wide range of services that save the homeowners’ association time and money. Combining our experience and knowledge, together with our tailor-made approach to every project helps our customers to preserve and enhance value of their property.

That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

Development and execution of the community annual program

All communities under Mansions management have Community Annual Programs.

To comply with the UAE  mandatory regulations and requirements we schedule preventive maintenance (PPM) that allows each community to substantially reduce reactive maintenance and retain the buildings and assets at the desired level of quality.

Development and enforcement of community rules and regulations

Development of Rules and Regulations is essential for each Community. Rules help residents to create an attractive environment where everyone feels happy and safe. 

Following the rules and regulations of the Community will also maintain and protect the Community assets.

MANSIONS performs the following agreed Services on behalf of the Owners:

  • Rule Enforcement;
  • Ensure any requests for additional rules by owners are presented to the community and properly voted upon and implemented;
  • Do all things necessary following the legal amendment of Rules to ensure all documents are updated;
  • Ensure any amendments to documentation are registered where necessary.
  • Ensure Rules do not conflict the law;
  • Ensure owners, occupiers and visitors follow and practice the rules of the community.
  • Assist owners in their queries relating to the building Community Rules.
  • Serve regular notices to comply with the Community Rules.



That company is Mansions Owners Association Management.

why choose us

There are many reasons why Mansions is the leader in community and homeowner association management.

Here is the top five:

1. Value

Mansions leverages its resources and experience to save the homeowners association time and money.

2. Delivery of Services

Mansions delivers its services through an operations model that allows our customers to have Association Manager, Accountant, and Technical Manager 100% dedicated to their community.

3. Communication

Mansions uses the leading-edge technology for communication with homeowners as well as communication between homeowners within a community.

4. Experience

Our team brings international (Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore) project management experience and combines it with property management experience from London, UK.

5. Customer

Providing professional, prompt, friendly service to our customers is paramount for Mansions.