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Implementation of IT software and hardware to minimize damages caused by water leakages, severe weather conditions and HVAC equipment breakdown

Nomination for the Best Customer Happiness Initiative Award 1. Strategy & Principles The arrival of the COVID19 pandemic followed by the chain of COVID-related global events has significantly changed the business landscape leaving no businesses un-affected and Mansions and its clients are not excluded. Within our organization, we had several workshops with the key management […]

Automation of Key Business Processes and Improved Customer Service

Nomination for Best Community Happiness Center Award 1. Strategy and Principles Mansions’ strategic initiatives are the programs that help us and our clients to accomplish strategic objectives. One of the main strategic objectives is to retain our customers by satisfying their continuously changing needs related to service quality, service delivery, and the quality of products […]

Optimizing energy efficiency in luxury residences in Dubai

Mansions Owners Association Management (Mansions), a Dubai-based company specializing in jointly-owned property management, real estate management and development started cooperation with Granlund in autumn 2017 with the aim of automating and optimizing energy efficiency in their luxury Trident Grand Residence Tower in Dubai. The collaboration aims to improve the maintenance processes and automate reporting, as well […]